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The Loire Brittany River Basin Agency


Its missions and responsibilities


WHAT IS IT ? It’s a government-owned corporation. The 1964 water law created 6 river basin agencies, one for each large river basin. They are public bodies, financially autonomous, under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Environment.


The river basin agency provides financial and technical assistance to pollution control (water quality protection) and to water resources increase (water quantity improvement), actions of common interest at river basin level.

Financing comes from water charges paid by the basin’s water users (municipalities, industrialists, farmers). The agency’s staff is composed of 313 persons.


Activities take place within the framework of multi-year programs set up by the agency’s board of directors and ratified by the river basin committee : total yearly financial assistance from the agency for water resources protection amounts approximately to 300 million €.



They come from pollution and withdrawal water charges (quality and quantity deterioration) applied to water users : municipalities, industry, farmers.
The charges are commensurate either to the volume of abstracted water or to the amount of pollution discharged in the natural environment (streams, lakes…).
The collected funds are afterwards reallocated by means of financial assistance to pollution control (wastewater treatment plants, sewerage networks…) or to water resource improvement (dams, bores-holes, drinking water supply…).
Financial assistance can apply to public or private owners of the works (subsidies or/and soft loans).



The river basin agency proposes contracts to the water stakeholders (regions, « départements », municipialities, private water users) so as to be in line with territorial interventions (land planning).

Geographical area : the Loire river basin and its tributaries, plus Brittany region and some smaller river basins on the Atlantic coastal area.

Management : like any other public body, the river basin agency is ruled by a board of directors (decision-making body) and by a General Manager (executive body).

The agency’s General Manager is Mr Noël MATHIEU, chief engineer of rural works and forests. The agency is under the supervision both of the Minister in charge of Environment and of the Minister of Finance.

Headquarters : Orléans-La Source, France

6 regional offices

Staff : 313 employees

Budget for the year 2008 : 340 million €.

  1. Agence de l'Eau Loire Bretagne
  2. Address: avenue Buffon, BP 6339, 45063 Orléans Cedex 2, France
    Phone:+33 2 38 51 73 73


Tổ chức từ thiện LOIRE BRETAGNE và Cty Vietcons tham gia chung dự án nước sạch cho bà con vùng nghèo ở Huyện Giang Thành, Tỉnh Kiên Giang.

Ban Rol Khánh Thành Của Nhà Tài Trợ Hội AGIRabcd & Loire Bretage

Vị Chư Tăng Ở Huyện Cùng Tham Dự - The Local Authorities Of Giang Thành Pagoda


Vài Tiết Mục Múa Của Trẻ Em Địa Phương - Some plays of local Children



Nhiều Trẻ Em và Người Dân đến thăm - A lot of local children & people attend the local event.

Các hiệu đơn vị thực hiện dự án: 1.Chùa Giang Thanh 2.AGIRbcd 3.Loire Bretange 4.Vietcons 5.Watermax
The board of execution project: 1.Chùa Giang Thanh 2.AGIRbcd 3.Loire Bretange. 4.Vietcons. 5.Watermaxx

Các hiệu đơn vị thực hiện dự án cùng chụp hình: 1.Chùa Giang Thanh 2.AGIRbcd 3.Loire Bretange 4.Vietcons 
The board of execution project taken pictures: 1.Chùa Giang Thanh 2.AGIRbcd 3.Loire Bretange. 4.Vietcons.


Khu vực đóng chai - The filling area of water can.


Các bộ phận máy móc lọc nước - the Equipment of water filter machines


Mr. Quang (Director of Vietcons) & Mrs Thảo (Account of Vietcons) & Mr. Khang (The Son of Mr.Quang) Attend the opening Ceremony.


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